President Obama on Baltimore Riots

It’s not very often that I agree with the President, but I think his comments yesterday were right on.  Thank you for your leadership on this issue, Mr. President.


My Thoughts on Nerd Prom 2015

Yes, I’m a political nerd which means each year I look forward to watching the White House Correspondents Dinner.  President Obama may not be able to deliver on much of what he promised in 2008, but the man can deliver a joke.  Cecily Strong, on the other hand, wasn’t very funny at all, except for a few good lines here and there.  I think I am the only one on earth that didn’t find the anger translation bit funny.  Below you’ll find my tweets from the night in ascending order:

President Obama was funny; Cecily Strong, not so much. – My final assessment of the night. #NerdProm #WHCD

“You’re hair is so gray right now you can talk back to the police.” #NerdProm #WHCD

“@RandPaul is taking over his father’s business of not being president.” #NerdProm #WHCD

Chris Christie believes pot is a gateway drug – like another bridge to shut down? #NerdProm #WHCD

“Let’s not forget Martin O’Malley. Nothing more to say, its just his campaign slogan.” #NerdProm #WHCD

“Harry Reid was a boxer before spending 30 years as a punching bag.” #NerdProm #WHCD

SNL criticized? “If anyone is guilty of not taking ISIS seriously…” – Maybe the funniest line thus far from Strong. #NerdProm #WHCD

“The secret service is the only law enforcement agency that will get in trouble is a black man is shot.” #NerdProm #WHCD

Cecily Strong had a great first line (feels appropriate to have a woman following @BarackObama ) but then its been downhill ever since.

“We finally made it, straight people.” #NerdProm #WHCD

“Bucket” – that’s what I’m taking away from the President’s speech tonight. #NerdProm #WHCD

Ok, now this is funny. “You don’t need anger translating, you need counseling.” How to end a bad skit on a funny note. #NerdProm #WHCD

This translation sketch is kind of dumb and getting old… George W. did it much better. #NerdProm #WHCD

“Bernie @SenSanders – Pot-smoking socialist in the White House? – Obama’s third term after all.” #NerdProm #WHCD

“Rick Santorum said he would not attend a gay wedding of a loved one, and gays everywhere said no problem.” #NerdProm #WHCD

Birther jokes are still in apparently, old but funny… #NerdProm #WHCD

“Being blackish only makes you popular for so long..” #NerdProm #WHCD

Nice swipe at CNN #NerdProm #WHCD

‘I once had a friend who was making millions a year and now she’s living out of a van in Iowa” – HILarious! I loved it. #NerdProm #WHCD

Ok, the Hucakabee joke was dumb… #NerdProm #WHCD

Finally Obama admits he’s a Muslim! #NerdProm #WHCD #nerdprom2015

Fourth favorite #WHCD moment – Joel McHale’s Chris Christie fat jokes. #NerdProm #nerdprom2015

Third favorite #WHCD moment – Obama’s Lion King birth certificate announcement #NerdProm #nerdprom2015

Second favorite #WHCD moment – George W. Bush and his twin.. #NerdProm #nerdprom2015

The video of @billclinton as a lame duck alone in the White House is one of the funniest moments in #WHCD history. #NerdProm #nerdprom2015

CNN asked Martin O’Malley’s wife if her husband would make a good POTUS. Why I don’t watch CNN often. Most attention he’s got. #NerdProm

Sitting here in pj’s, eating chips and dip, tweeting snide remarks about something few people care about – now I am officially a blogger!

Thompson Politics retweeted POLITICO
Can you imagine what is it must be like to be MISTER Pelosi? #nerdprom2015 Thompson Politics added,

My three year old is shouting, “Obama! Obama!” #nerdprom2015 Thompson Politics added,

Is @MichelleObama texting during the national anthem? asks my wife. I didn’t see it. Can anyone confirm or deny this? #nerdprom2015

Public Service Announcement – I’ll be live-tweeting the White House Corespondents Dinner tonight. #nerdprom2015

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The Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Amendment Act

The new House resolution, sponsored by Tennessee Rep. Diane Black, says the D.C. law, the “Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Amendment Act,” accomplishes the opposite of what its name implies.

“This coercive measure would ban pro-life organizations in D.C. from even considering a job seeker’s views on abortion as a condition of employment,” Black said in a statement. “This is an affront to the conscience rights of every American who believes, as I do, in the cause of protecting the unborn. Congress must not remain silent while this injustice unfolds.”

The Heritage Foundation and other conservative groups have pressed the GOP-led Congress to block the D.C. law. In an analysis published by two Heritage policy analysts, the group asserts that anti-abortion rights groups based in Washington would be faced with decisions about hiring candidates that could conflict with their beliefs.

“Organizations whose mission is to empower women facing unplanned pregnancies with physical and emotional support or who advocate for policies that affirm the dignity and value of both mother and child could be forced to provide health insurance for the life-ending procedure they oppose,” the report states.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi called this latest GOP abortion bill “outrageous.”

“Allowing employers to fire employees for using birth control, or in vitro fertilization, or any other reproductive health care service is an unconscionable intrusion into workers’ personal lives,” said Pelosi in a written statement on Monday. “By disapproving D.C.’s law, House Republicans would even allow employers to fire employees for the reproductive health decisions that their employees’ spouses and dependents make.”

Read the entire story here.

Even John Roberts Gets Called for Jury Duty

Even Chief Justice John Roberts can’t escape his civic duties.
The Supreme Court justice reported for duty as “Juror 49” in Rockville, Maryland, on Wednesday morning, The Washington Post reported.

Roberts was being considered for a case relating to a 2013 car crash. The judge asked a group of about 50 potential jurors to identify any potential conflicts of interest. Roberts reportedly volunteered that his sister is a nurse, but he said her profession would not impair his impartiality in a case involving someone in the medical field.

Read more:

The Faith of Marco Rubio

As a bartender, Rubio’s father struggled to follow the Mormon Church’s teachings prohibiting alcohol, tobacco and caffeine, Rubio wrote in his memoir, “An American Son.”

“I immersed myself in LDS theology,” Rubio wrote. “I studied church literature and other sources of information to learn all I could about the church’s teachings.”

By the time he was in sixth grade, his family had left the Mormon Church for Catholicism, and he had his First Communion on Christmas Day 1984.

In 2012, Rubio told me that he spent a few years in an evangelical church.

“Sometime in 2000, I unfortunately got really busy with my political stuff,” he said. “I perhaps didn’t do a good job of spiritually leading my family, which is one of the roles I play alongside my wife.”

During that time, his family attended a church called Christ Fellowship, he said.

“For a period of time, it became our church home almost exclusively,” Rubio said. “I felt called back to Catholicism around 2004, but have maintained the relationship with Christ Fellowship and attend their services often or listen to the podcasts.”

Rubio now firmly identifies with the Catholic church, though he noted how he finds commonality between different Christian denominations.

Read the whole story here.

Mark Kirk’s “poor choice of phraseology”

To be honest, I’d be OK if Mark Kirk did not win re-election…

Republican Sen. Mark Kirk may have just made his upcoming race for re-election a lot more difficult.

Kirk, who is seen as a top target for Democrats to regain a seat in 2016, is currently under fire for remarks that some critics consider to be racially insensitive. While being interviewed by the Peoria Journal Star this month, the Illinois lawmaker suggest that black areas in the state are the ones “we drive faster through.”

Although the comment was made in the context of promoting initiatives Kirk supports to strengthen the economic and social standing of the African-American community in Illinois, the language he used has not been well received.

“I think what he was trying to say is, he was trying to relate that to crime. But boy, it was a poor choice of phraseology,” George Mitchell, president of the NAACP’s Illinois State Conference, told The Huffington Post.

“Creating some billionaires does not change the economic plight. What changes the plight of poor people is to not have a few billionaires come out of the group, but to have everyone lifted,” added Mitchell. “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

Kirk’s office issued a statement to try to quell the uproar on Tuesday.

“Anyone watching network news in Chicago is aware of the frequent killings and violence that affects various communities in Illinois. Senator Kirk is active in fighting gang violence, keeping assault weapons off the streets, and working within the African-American community to find aspiring entrepreneurs,” an official spokesperson for the senator said in the statement. “No one can question Senator Kirk’s commitment to the African-American community.”

Read the whole story here.

Yesterday is Over: Marco Enters the Race

Just a few short comments about Marco Rubio:

In general, I liked the content of his speech.  It was forward-thinking and basically a positive message.  One might even say it was Reagan-like.  However, he still comes off as young, perhaps too young to be president.  Stumbling over his words a few times didn’t help.  For some reason, I’m having trouble getting excited about this campaign.  Yet, he does strike me as excellent Veep material…

Also, on a side note, did anyone else notice he stopped for a drink of water twice?  Reminded me of a certain response to the State of the Union a few years back…

Hillary, Homosexuals, and Art of Politics

Like political nerds everywhere, I was eagerly awaiting the video revealing Hillary Clinton’s official statement declaring her second run for the presidency.  I have to admit, I was surprised.  I thought the video was well-crafted and effective.  She had a positive, inclusive message that sought to reach out.  As someone who pretty much has the nomination wrapped up (unless Warren jumps in), she came out as someone willing to fight for and earn every vote she gets it.  Kudos.

However, I have to remember, she is a politician.  There’s a perception that trying to be passed off as reality.  There was nothing about this video that was not carefully crafted in order to bring about a desired response.  Among those who were “ready” were a homosexual couple.  It’s been mentioned by several commentators.  I don’t think it was intended to be the focal point of the video, but in the midst of religious liberty debates in Indiana and Arkansas and the upcoming case to be heard before the Supreme Court, it was deliberate.

Why do I mention this gay couple?  To be honest, it is not because I am offended.  Gay couples are common and mere picture of a two men holding hands does not make me want to turn the channel.  However, it does make me think.  This is politics.  Hillary is trying to appeal to a certain segment of her base.

What strikes me about this is that Hillary will probably seek to champion gay rights.  That’s fine and not surprising.  Yet neither do I find it admirable.  Why?  This is the same woman who lived in the White House as her husband signed the Defense of Marriage Act into law.  She said nothing,  She was still in the White House when Bill Clinton signed a religious liberty bill into law.  Again, not a word.  This is also the same woman who stayed silent and refused to speak out for gay couples during the 2004 and 2008 elections when constitutional amendments banning gay marriage were on the ballot in several states.  She only came out in support of marriage equality when it was safe, after Vice President Biden and President Obama had paved the way. Now the political tide has turned and its now politically advantageous to stand for equality.

(By, the way, I also recognize the Republican presidential hopefuls are guilty of the same conviction-less stance but in reverse.)

What I am trying to get at here is that the Democratic Party is using the marriage equality movement and homosexual lobby just like the Republican Party uses the Religious Right.  In other words, they use them only for and to their own advantages.  There is not a core conviction being displayed as much as there is a desire to win.  While there are certainly those in both parties that are firm and sincere in their beliefs on marriage equality, politicians are still politicians at the end of the day.

This reminds of the GOP and their desire to reach out to Hispanics.  I hear about it all the time that the GOP must expand their base in order to win back the White House.  This is great politics but it lacks any conviction or moral courage.  This is not about doing what is right and trying to help a certain segment of our population.  This about winning and beating the other side.  It makes me sick every time I hear it.

When someone proclaims to be your champion, check their agenda first.  End of Rant…