Endorsement for Darin LaHood

David Smith is the head of Illinois Family Action and has this to say concerning the special election in the 18th Congressional District (the seat vacated by big spender Aaron Schock):

The July 7th special election is vital to protecting conservative values and principles and that is why I want to encourage all voters in the 18th Congressional District to get out and cast a ballot for Darin LaHood. With election day the Tuesday after the 4th of July weekend, early voting is a great way to ensure that your voice is heard in this important election. Early voting throughout the district is going on now until July 6th, contact your local county clerk for hours and location.

It is important to note that Darin LaHood has served four years in the Illinois General Assembly as a state senator and has a proven and solid pro-family record. I am convinced that Darin is God-fearing man who will stand strong for religious liberty, speak out on the sanctity of life and uphold the true definition of marriage and family.

That’s why I’m supporting Darin LaHood in the upcoming special election on July 7th. I hope you will too.

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The Cross and the Confederate Flag

Russell Moore on the flying of the Confederate flag:

The Apostle Paul says that we should not prize our freedom to the point of destroying those for whom Christ died. We should instead “pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbuilding” (Rom. 14:19). The Confederate Battle Flag may mean many things, but with those things it represents a defiance against abolition and against civil rights. The symbol was used to enslave the little brothers and sisters of Jesus, to bomb little girls in church buildings, to terrorize preachers of the gospel and their families with burning crosses on front lawns by night.

That sort of symbolism is out of step with the justice of Jesus Christ. The cross and the Confederate flag cannot co-exist without one setting the other on fire. White Christians, let’s listen to our African-American brothers and sisters. Let’s care not just about our own history, but also about our shared history with them. In Christ, we were slaves in Egypt—and as part of the Body of Christ we were all slaves too in Mississippi. Let’s watch our hearts, pray for wisdom, work for justice, love our neighbors. Let’s take down that flag.

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I am Rachel Dolezal

My friend Bob Bixby uses the Rachel Dolezal scandal to point us to a greater spiritual reality:

The reason we embellish our stories is because we cannot embrace the reality of our nothingness. But it is our nothingness that makes God’s grace so amazing. The pastor who was publicly embarrassed four years ago was caught in a story that he let develop and then ultimately promoted because it met a deep personal need in his life. He needed to feel like he was somebody.  Rachel Dolezal is an interesting case study, but why is it that Christian pastors and missionaries and leaders feel so inclined to tell amazing stories about themselves? What kind of gospel do we proclaim when our leaders — our leaders! — are so afraid to admit error, be real, and be nothing?Are we not missing out on a better understanding of the Gospel that would free us from such empty pursuits of security and self-acceptance? Why is image so, so important? Why do we cherish self-promoting anecdotes and why must we invest so much in displaying evidence of our specialness? Why do clergy especially desperately inflate their pasts?
We are nation of people given over to superlatives. If we do not have the best of something, we have the very worst. If we cannot canonize, we demonize. God forbid that we should be regular folk, just average. And as parents we dread the possibility that our kids are just, well, kind of normal.
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Brian Williams Finally Speaks but Fails to Say What Needs to be Said

I’ve always liked Brian Williams and would love to see him back in the anchor chair once again, but his credibility is just shot.  Even in this interview he still doesn’t admit to lying.  I’d have much more respect for the guy if he just came out and said he blew it and gave into the temptation to sensationalize the truth.  It might have even made him a better anchor.  But instead it seems like he’s still trying to save face.  Too bad…