Who Won the Second Presidential Debate?

Who one tonight’s debate – It’s hard to say.  Really, the answer is no one.  This is the worst presidential debate I’ve seen in my lifetime.  Accusation after accusation, pettiness upon pettiness.  One insult right after another.  Questions ignored, everyone interrupted and moderators all over the place.  No one came out of this looking good.

I will make this concession, Trump did much better than I thought he would.  This could have been the nail in his political coffin, but his performance tonight does allow him to live and fight another day.  He played straight to his base, offering them red meat which should serve to energize them once again.  It is clear, Trump is not going anywhere.

But, let me again repeat, his comments caught on tape and referenced in the the first few questions in the debate are reprehensible.  This is not locker room banter – these are the words of a predator forcing himself upon non-consenting women.  This is criminal, wicked and inexcusable.  The very fact that he continues to call it simple locker room banter shows his insensitivity and lack of remorse.  A truly remorseful person would take responsibility and call it what it is.  Instead Trump tries to justify his actions by redirecting attention to someone else.  Wicked, purely wicked.  This “man” should never be president and should drop out of the race.

Here are my live-tweets from the night, starting from the bottom and going right on up…

Hillary turns the question into a chance to talk about herself. Trump compliments her the entire time. Classiest thing he said all night.

Best question all night – name something you respect about the other candidate. What can Trump say about the Devil? #debate

That man in the red who asked about energy, looks like an snl character just waiting to happen. #debate

Pro-lifers, Trump didn’t say anything about abortion in term sof the Supreme Court. #debate

So there goes Mike Pence under the bus #Debates2016

Here’s my proposal for a debate rule – no candidate can mention another candidate unless that candidate was mentioned in the q #Debates2016

Someone ask Hillary, define “fair share.” Who decides this and what calculation is used to come to this decision? #Debates2016

How is being rude to the moderators going to help you? #Debates2016

So the answer is no, Donald. You are not for a ban. You were wrong, just say it. #Debates2016

I will say that’s the best policy response I’ve ever heard Trump give #Obamacare #Debates2016

“He clarified what he meant and its totally clear.” Hillary on Bill’s Obamacare remarks. What? #debate

In a presidential debate, Trump refers to his opponent as the devil. #debate

Blaming the ref is a sign of your team’s weakness, just like Trump blaming the moderator #debate

What’s going on right now is the worst presidential debate you will see in your lifetime. #debate

He’s not sorry at all! Locker room talk? This man deserves to lose. #debate

The yuggest debate of Trump’s life. #debate


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