My Endorsements for President 2016

Yes, you read that right, I am making presidential endorsements, not merely an endorsement.  I will explain.

My first endorsement will be for independent candidate Evan McMullin, but only if you live or vote in the state of Utah.  According to the latest polls, McMullin (who is only on the ballot in 11 states) actually has a shot at the state’s 6 electoral votes.  This would be huge.  In the best-case scenario, McMullin keeps both Trump and Clinton from getting 270 electoral votes in a close outcome, thus throwing the election to the House of Representatives.  There in the House, McMullin could be seen as the moderate choice between the other two disliked candidates.  Of course, this would take a miracle, but the Cubs did win the World Series this year…  A more likely scenario is that McMullin becomes the first third party/independent candidate to receive an actual electoral vote since 1968.  A win in Utah would send a huge message that we dislike both candidates and want something better.  A vote for Trump or Clinton would not send a message at all.

However, that endorsement only applies if you live in Utah.  I, in Illinois, will not be voting for Evan McMullin.  While he is pro-life, I don’t consider him to be consistently pro-life.  He’s a war-hawk neo-con.  I don’t want to be the world’s policeman and am tired of sending our troops to places like Iraq and Syria with no end in sight and no clear mission.  Innocents killed by drones is not what I consider to be pro-life.

I make this endorsement for McMullin because I consider him a better choice than Trump or Clinton and would really love to see an independent candidate accomplish something.

Instead, I will be voting for Constitution Party candidate Darrell Castle.  While he is not my ideal candidate, I consider him the lesser of seven evils.  I’ll explain:

I cannot in any good conscience vote for Donald Trump.  I’m tempted to vote for the man only because I do see the Supreme Court as important and I desperately want to see the end of Obamacare.  Yet, I am not willing to sell out my soul for either one.  Trump is a vulgar demigod who preys on women, demeans anyone opposed to him and has promised to leave abortion laws untouched.  He has flip-flopped on every major issue.  You cannot trust this man at all.  No one knows what he really believes.  Even when it comes to the Supreme Court, he released a respectable list of potential appointees but then said he doesn’t feel confined to that list.  In fact, he even suggested his pro-choice sister would make a great justice (though said he would not nominate her because she is his sister).  You cannot trust the man.  He even flip-flopped on Mexico paying for the infamous wall he wants to build on the border.  A vote for Donald Trump sends the message to the Republican Party, we are your lemmings.  We promise to vote for whatever candidate you nominate, no matter how bad he is.  I’m not willing to do that.  Also, let’s get this straight – only names appear on the ballot, not platforms or worldviews or anything.  When you pull the level for Donald Trump you pull the lever for that man, not that party.  There is nothing on the ballot that allows you to vote against someone.  Your vote sends the message that you support Donald Trump and all that he is.

Hillary Clinton is also not an option for me.  Like McMullin, she tends to be quite hawkish when it comes to sending our troops into foreign conflicts.  Even more concerning for me is her extreme views on abortion.  She wants to do away with the Hyde Amendment thus opening the door to tax-payer funded abortion.  She adores Planned Parenthood and has opposes even the most common sense regulations to abortion and abortion clinics.  She supports even the most abominable and cringe-worthy forms of abortion – partial birth and late term abortions.  It makes me absolutely sick and outraged.  I could never even think of throwing my support behind such a person.  Not to mention those e-mails…

Green Party candidate Jill Stein is so far left that she is not even on my radar, though I am intrigued with her ideas about eliminating student loan debt.

America’s Party candidate is very interesting.  Tom Hoefling is a passionate pro-life advocate.  His passion is contagious.  I wish he had won the Constitution Party nomination.  He would have been a better candidate than Darrell Castle.  I think the only thing he and I disagree on is immigration.  I’m for amnesty and he is not.  But, even with that, it’s hard not to vote for him.  Yet, I don’t believe the America’s Party practice of not accepting any donations is not practical or realistic and will inhibit them from ever becoming a major factor.

Governor Garry Johnson

Governor Garry Johnson

Finally, there is Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.  I want to vote for him, I really do.  I’ve met him on a number of different occasions and find him to be a great guy.  He is very personable and genuinely wants to reduce the size and scope of the federal government.  He actually wants to promote freedom and liberty.  Of all the third-party options, this ticket has the most credibility and governing experience.  I lived in Massachusetts while Bill Weld was governor.  I liked the guy and so did many others.  However, both Johnson and Weld are pro-choice and I simply cannot ignore that.  I’m also quite upset that Johnson has simply blown his chance.  He’s received more attention than any other third-party candidate since Ross Perot but instead of capitalizing on it, he blew it.  While on nation-wide television, the guy didn’t know about the crisis in Aleppo and couldn’t even name one foreign leader.  What the heck!

Darrell Castle

Darrell Castle

So, that leaves me with Constitution Party candidate Darrell Castle.  As I mentioned before, he’s not my ideal candidate.  He’s not inspiring and lacks a passion that a man running for the oval office ought to have.  I disagree with his views on the United Nations (I believe we ought to stay in) and he seems to be, in general, to the right of me on most issues.  The biggest issue I have is that he’s not on the ballot in my state.  However, he is a decent, honorable man who would do well if he won the job.  He’s staunchly pro-life and actually wants to govern by the Constitution.  Unlike the others running, he served in combat as a Marine in Vietnam, yet wants to keep us out of foreign wars.  Castle would balance the budget and bring sanity back to Washington.  Sounds great to me!

My final endorsement is simply this – vote your conscience.  In this election, I do not feel the moral authority to claim that you ought to vote for anyone.  Instead, I’ve shared with you my thoughts. These are just that – my thoughts.  I claim no moral authority and recognize that my thoughts are binding on no one.  In reality, there is no ideal candidate, or even one I feel like I can completely back warts and all.  You need to do what you feel is right.  This also includes your right NOT to vote.  But, if you choose not to vote, please remember there are some important down ticket races worthy of your consideration.  I’ve been very vocal in my opposition to Donald Trump, but in the last month I’ve stepped away from that.  Instead, I’m choosing to respect your beliefs and your conscience on this one.  You do what you think is right.

On Wednesday, November 9th, I’m hoping you and I can come back together after this divisive election and pray together for our next command-in-chief.  We’ll all breathe a sigh of relief when this one is over.


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