My Thoughts on President’s Farewell Address


In short – this was just another campaign speech, except with a few personal shout-out’s to family and staff.  The President made a grand entrance and the crowd went wild.  This was red meat to his base.  I had high hopes for this speech as President Obama is a great orator and does desire to bring people together.  But, his pleas for unity just seemed all too political. If you had taken the performance out of this and done it from the Oval Office, perhaps there would have been more dignity and sobriety.  I may be alone on that, but that’s pretty much where I’m at.  Nothing in this speech that I haven’t heard before.  Nothing outstanding or even memorable.  Oh well.

But of course, please don’t consider this a serious response to the President’s Address.  That will come on Twitter around 3am…

I’m no Donald Trump, but here are some of my live tweets from the evening  (they start at the bottom):

Calls to personal responsability and civic engagement – gotta like that. #ObamaFarewell

Overall, this just sounds like another campaign speech. @ObamaFarewell

Bias confirmation is a real threat to our whole political system. Amen, Mr. President.

Did you catch that, Obama attacked safe spaces on college campuses! #Obamafarewell

Absolutely right – the effects of slavery and Jim Crowe just dont go away over night. We’ve got to see is and work together. #ObamaFarewell

He’s right on race/immigration. Problem here is not him, its a congress and Republican Party refusing to open their eyes, minds, hearts.

Mr. President, you keep speaking of a democracy as if we live in one. We live in a Republic, Sir. #ObamaFarewell

Excuse me, Mr. President, thanks to your plan I can no longer afford my health insurance. #ObamaFarewell

From Selma to Stonewall – did you see what he did there? #Obamafarewell

I would love to hear him expound on that idea that rights are endowed by our Creator. #ObamaFarewell

Seems a bit like a rock star on stage. So much for humility. #ObamaFarewell

It will be interesting hearing from a President who can speak in more than 140 characters. #ObamaFarewell